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Tax and Accounting Advisors
a. Tax and accounting advice for business and individuals.
b. Registration in Economic Activities (IAE) and other fiscal obligations.
c. Quarterly VAT declarations.
d. Annual VAT summary.
e. Quarterly declaration of Rent retentions and annual summary.
f. Preparation of fraction payments of Income tax for self employed and Limited Societies.
g. Limited societies tax declarations.
h. Quarterly declaration of retentions on employees and professionals.
      i. Annual Income tax and asset declaration

Telephone: (00 34) 965 633 125
Movil: (00 34) 661 671 279
Fax: 965 633 326

Professional and work advisor
a. Calculation and preparation of payroll and social security registration and payment.
b. Application for registration and de-registration on the system, modification of personal, company and employee information.
c. Opening new establishments
d. Work contracts and prologues
e. Company certificates
f. Work settlements and notifications
g. Management of work accidents
h. Prevention of risks in the workplace
i. Self employment payments

Legal Advisors

a. Drafting of private contracts

b. Processing of documents with the Property Register
i. Application for and analysis of registry information
ii. Registry information
iii. Certificates
iv. Registry inscription

c. Preparation of documentation for all types of deed for validation before Notary Public.

d. Preparation and presentation of transmissions tax and Judicial Acts documents.

e. Change of title name on Contribution and Property Rates bills.

f. Change of title name on Rubbish collection bills.

g. Disqualification of Official protection status on property

h. Payment of Local ‘plusvalia’ tax (Tax on the increase in the value of land between purchase and sale)

i. Fiscal information

j. Handling and process of title deeds

ii.   Purchase and Sale
iii.  Mortgage cancellations
iv.  Accumulation or Segregation
v.   Declaration of New Build
vi.  Horizontal division of property
vii. Dissolution of Community assets
viii.Constitution and cancellation of adjudicative conditions
ix.  Private marriage agreements

k. Processing documents with the Land Registry
i.  Change of ownership on urban property
ii. Declaration of modifications to urban property
iii.Declaration of new construction, extension, refurbishment or rehabilitation.
Demolition (total or partial)

l. Appeals and claims to the administration
m. Limited societies
i. Certificates from mercantile register
ii. Processing of Company constitution deeds, Increase of Capital, dissolution, Reduction of Capital, Fusion, Demerger/Spin off, Share holder contributions for social losses, change of establishment or social domicile, etc
iii. Constitution of civil societies
iv. Adaptation of Statutes to active legislation

n.  Inheritance and Donation
i.  Death certificates
ii. Certificates of last wishes from Central Register of wills
iii. Drafting of private inheritance documents
iv. Payment of inheritance and donation taxes
v. Preparation of the necessary documents for awarding inheritance before    
Notary Public

vi.  Processing of Inheritance deeds
vii. Processing of Donation deeds

Judicial documents

Cancellation of embargos.  Liquidation of societies of shared assets, etc…

Other procedures